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Yoga For Healthy Aging – Winter 2020

Everyone ages, not everyone ages well!

14 Week Winter Session

Healthy aging starts the moment we are born and becomes even more important the older we become.  Aging is the process of systems deterioration over time. There does not seem to be one single cause of aging, but multiple contributors such has genes, inflammation, stress adaptation, metabolism, molecular damage, stem cell regeneration, proteostasis, and epigenetics. 

Yoga is one of the leading practices that can help us age well by working with the many levels of self. A cornerstone to aging well is movement and agility which is made up of three key elements:  flexibility, strength, and balance. Yoga postures help to maintain and increase the flexibility of muscles, the range of motion of joints and the elasticity of fascia. Yoga postures build strong bones, a firm core, lower and upper body strength which give the body stability for movement. Strength, flexibility, and balancing provide the body with the ability to move freely thus increasing metabolism and reducing inflammation. Yoga practice also aids in removing impurities in the body stimulating cell regeneration and rebirth of healthy new tissue. Keeping your body moving and doing what you love helps create emotional, social and mental wellbeing. Deep breathing techniques and the practice of meditation and mindfulness help reduce stress and build a healthier more focused brain. In return, this quiets the mind and facilitate better sleep and rest. 

Aging with spiritual grace can turn fear into purpose and endings into new beginnings by connecting to one’s higher self.  What you think about aging directly affects how you age, so keeping moving and cultivate a positive attitude to enjoy the journey,  no matter what chapter of your life you are on.

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