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Summer Session 5 Weeks (July 2nd – Aug 1st)

FREE Introduction to Yoga August 27th 10:30 am or 7:00 pm

Coming this Fall in all Hatha Yoga Classes. Thrive Through Yoga

Thrive Through Yoga!

Are you thriving or just surviving in your life? Do you have a “just get by” type of mentality and are settling for a second-best experience?  More than likely, you have forgotten who you are and have become stuck without even knowing it.  You can’t be stuck and thrive at the same time. The crippling energy of “stuck-ness” blocks you from living a life of meaning, truth, purpose and connection. We get stuck in negative thinking patterns of worry, stress, resentments. We get stuck carrying unwanted extra body weight and stuck in a job or relationship that does not fill our hearts quest for purpose and meaning. In “stuck-ness,” we fall asleep and miss out on following our soul’s request to edit and adapt our life’s story script continually.

Yoga teaches you how to prosper, flourish, awaken and transform struggle into strength to grow and blossom, to thrive. Yoga liberates you from “stuck-ness,” and cultivates awareness of what it truly means to be alive and awake.  Yoga also invites you to soften, open, lightening up by letting go of the physical and mental tension that accumulates in our body and mind. Meditation liberates you from the “stuck-ness” of the inner mental hurricanes that distort your perception of life.  The side effects of these storms distract you from seeking and listening to inner callings of truth and awaken to what you are called to manifest in this life. 

Think about all of the great and wonderful things that you wanted to experience but never did. Thinking about lost truths, dreams, and what you never acted upon. 

When you awaken and thrive, you transform yourself and the world around you, and we are all blessed by the presence of healed people.

This 14-week fall session will take you on a Yogi Journey to Thrive! Through yoga postures, breathing, meditation and ancient yogic philosophy you can learn how to Thrive through Yoga

Crystal Journey Wednesday October 2nd 8pm

Yoga Retreat- Halcyon Hot Springs Nov 1-3rd

. Sign up nowYoga & the 7 Chakra Retrat Nov 2019


The seven chakras explained

The chakra system is a seven levelled philosophical model of the universe. It is a center that receives, assimilates and expresses life force energy. The word chakra translates as “wheel or disk” and refers to a spinning sphere. There are seven main chakras stacked in a column of energy that spans from the base of the spine to the top of the heard. This chakra system is a bridge between polarities, heaven/earth, inner/outer, above/ below, matter/consciousness. Chakra one is our center of stability and basic needs, located near the base of the spine, element-earth, colour-red. Chakra two is our center of creativity and sexuality, located in the pelvic area, element-water, colour-orange. Chakra three is our center of power, located in the navel area, element-fire, colour-yellow. Chakra four it the center of love it is situated in the heart area, element-air, colour-green. Chakra five is our center of expression, located in the throat area, element-ether, colour-blue.  The last two chakras connect us beyond this earthly realm, chakra six is our center of intuition, located at the eyebrow center point (third eye), light-element, colour-indigo. Chakra seven is the center of our spiritual connection it is situated at the crown of the head, cosmic energy-element, colour-violet/white. For optimum health and to harness the power of the chakras this spring series will exlpore the use of yoga postures, chakra meditations, essential oils, crystals, affirmations, and colour vibration.

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Meditation Retreat April 2020