Studio Policies & Yoga Class Fees

Yoga in the time of a Pandemic

Join Live at the Studio– Kindly pre-book your spot by emailing the link below. Space is limited at the studio.

Join the Stream of YOGA
LIVE streaming unlimited access pass

Namaste Yoga is more about offering Quality Yoga Classes and not Quanity of students. We are offering live streaming & recordings to facility the pandemic and not as a way of increasing our bottom line. We would love to have you join us so give the idea a bit of time by signing up for live streaming kindly do so at least two hours prior or a day or two before is even better. If the day before email is fine if a few hours before Texting is best 250 832 3647. Its important for us to know a bit about you as your saftey is the most important part of practice.

I would love for you to join me and access the power of Yoga to ease the effects from the Pandemic.

  • All you have to do is click on the button email address to register (kindly leave some time to register, see above time line suggestion)
  • E-Transfer the proreated cost for the remaining weeks of the Spring  session to
  • You will receive unlimted access to all Hatha Yoga live links
  • Bonus- you will also receive access to the recorded classes
  • Set up your Zoom account to receive the live feed (free to do)
  • Get your yoga gear ready to join me and the rest of your classmates, Live via one of the below Live streams.
  • Click here to get set up infomation and costs –

We invite you to come and take a journey through the practice of Yoga.

We are dedicated to the traditions of Yoga and keep with the traditional aspect of yoga. We do not have a front deck, debit machines, credit cards or someone trying to up-sell you class promotions.  The fees are collected ahead in order to take the energy of money out of our lovely space. We try our best to be in the presence of Yoga and not the business of transactions.

You are welcome pay for a drop in and try a class,  then purchase a seasonal pass. We are flexible when it comes to using your class season pass, just check with the instructor and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Committing to a session gives you the foundation to not only know yoga but to experience the true benefits of the practice. Also by practicing in a regular class you get the benefits of yoga and connecting with a wonderful Yoga Community.

Our sole intention is to help you receive all the benefits of the practice of  Yoga and keep the “business of Yoga” to a minimal.

Payment Methods

  • Cash, checks and email money transfer
  • Kindly make checks made payable directly to Nancy Whitticase
  • E-transfers to kindly use password namaste or text number 250 832 3647
  • Upon registering for a Yoga class, course, retreats, workshop or Yoga, teacher training payment is due within 48 hours to secure your place. Once payment is received, you may cancel with refund or exchange for another class or retreat time/date up 48 hours after payment is made. After the 48 hours grace period, There is a strick No refund or exchange policy on all yoga classes, workshops, retreat or Yoga teacher training. If a class, retreat, workshop or training is rescheduled, funds will be transfered in full to the new date, session or retreat time. 
  • Due to the possiblity of not being able to hold classes Namaste Yoga is set to teach the classes via live streaming.

Please make sure that you are fully able to commit prior to payment.

  • Missed classes can be made up with the same instructor at the same or lower level within the same session – please confirm with the instructor that space is available.
  • Make up classes are based on availbilty of space. Students must  give a mimuim of 24 hours notice that they will miss class thus creating space for another student to use to be eligible for a make up.
  • Please be on time for class.  For security reasons the door will be locked 10 minutes after class starts
  • Please turn off all electronic devices when entering the studio
  • Please refrain from wearing heavy scents, such as purfume, cigarettes smoke and anyother substance that may cause an alergic reaction for others.
  • The studio doors will open 20 minutes prior to class. Please try to arrive no ealier then this.