Meditation Classes

Steep in Ancient Wisdom of Transformation

 Free Introduction Tuesday, September 29th, 7 pm – Must Pre-register to attend!

A global invitation to re-connect to stillness & Inner wisdom

10 Week Fall Meditation Series Starts October 6th, 7 pm- Cost $130

3 safe ways to participate in the fall Meditation series

Live at the studio, Live Stream from home and or class recordings 

Salmon Arm’s Orignal Meditation Centre.

With Joy and gratitude for the 13 years of meditation
Classes in Salmon Arm

 Meditation is the tongue of the soul and the language of the spirit.

Connect to self, return to your center, find inner peace!

Join Nancy as she shares her 25 years of meditation experience with you. This class explores many techniques and philosophies around the ancient practice of meditation

We will explore the benefits of practice and how the mind, body, and spirit are connected.

Readings from the Yoga Sutra’s and the Bhagavad Gita will help students understand how important Meditation is for us to find true happiness, peace, and love.

Styles of Meditation Practiced

  •  Mindfulness
  •  Anapana Breath awareness
  •  Yantra’s
  •  States of Mind Meditations, loving-kindness, compassion, forgiveness.
  •  Mantra’s, Om, so-hum, Om Mani Padme Hum
  •  Mala beads
  •  Walking
  •  Yoga Nidra
  •  Trataka- Candle Meditations
  •  Guided Visual meditations

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