Class Schedule

Update March 23rd

We are currently running all classes via LIVE Online CLASS STREAM.  So you can still participate with me and your fellow classemates at the same time of your regular class, just from the comfort of you own home. The health and wellbeing of our students is a priority today and throughout the next few weeks we are doing everything we can to keep you practicing, connected with others (via the stream). Your  physically, mentally and spriritualy health is my top priority.   I would love to get you set up, email Nancy at


Our classes for the next upcoming weeks will be to focus on the following areas of wellbeing; So let’s keep going, especially with there tricky times we need our practice more than ever.

YOGA of Well-Being Class focus for the next seveal weeks. (all classes)

*Stress reduction
*Lung health (this virus seems to be a respiratory system problem)
*Heart and cardiovascular health
*Building the immunes system,
*Releasing the stress out of our nervous systems and body.
*Brain and nervous system health
*Sleep, relaxation
*Techniques for managing stress
*Mindfulness to help stop the stressful loops of fear
*Connections to our inner wisdom and guidance

Online streaming and class class Schedule

March 23rd- 26th

Monday 4-5 pm Old guy yoga 
Monday 7-8:30 pm – Yoga of Wellbeing
Tuesday 10:30 – noon- Yoga of Wellbeing
Tuesday 7- 8:30 pm – Meditations for wellbeing
Wednesday 5-6:30 pm – Yoga of Wellbeing
Thursday 4-5 pm old guy yoga
Thursday 7-8:30 pm – Yoga of Wellbeing

There is no cost for students already signed up. 

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Yoga & the 7 Chakra’s- our most popular session of the year! Starts April 13th

Spring Schedule Starts April 13th

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Salmon Arms Orginal Meditation Centre

2020 Winter and Spring Meditation Schedule

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